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about moi

  The best advice I ever received as a photographer came from a Dutch guy, at breakfast, in Zanzibar.  I was showing him some of the images I had shot recently in Ethiopia and as he quietly looked at them, I said I have a pretty good eye.  He stopped looking at the images, looked at me and said you never take great photos from here, he was pointing at his eye... you take them from here.  He was pointing at his heart.

  Emotion isn't the only thing that inspires me. Anything wacky and creative that pops into my brain or anything that makes me laugh are great projects I love doing.


  Other than that, I live in Las Vegas with my photographic muses, Kalouie and Luna Bug. My favorite muse, Mursi Harley, recently left this gig and joined Fay Ray up in dog heaven.  



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